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Harbor Hoods Business Created by Traverse City Central High School Students

Since the beginning of the school year, 29 Traverse City Central High School students have spent each day in Becky Harvey’s marketing class learning how to start a business.

“It gives students real-life experience of problem-solving, communicating, working together in a team, figuring things out,” Harvey said.

Eventually, the students were tasked with doing just that: creating a business and making a profit.

“Our business is , and we’re selling sweatshirts and beanies,” said Katherine Wade, Traverse City Central High School senior.

Students are divided into departments from human resources and finance to promotion and production.

Parker Welch is on the production team.

“Our job was to get a vendor actually to make sweatshirts in the first place, and we got one, Threads,” explained Parker Welch, a Traverse City Central High school senior.

No matter their department, each student must put their sales skills to the test and sell at least four products.

However, like every good business, Harbor Hoods helps out the community.

“For each sale, we give back $1 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters,” explained Mack Shane, a senior at Traverse City Central High School. “So we are trying to sell as much as possible so we can get them some money.”

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