MI GOP Post Memo Placing Blame for Election Losses

The election is over.

The vote counts are being finalized, but the fighting continues. Now, we are seeing it within the Republican party.

Thursday night, the state’s choice for governor, Tudor Dixon, tweeted out a memo from the state Republican Party that explained, from their viewpoint, what went wrong in the election and led to a democratic majority in Lansing. Much of the blame was placed on Dixon and her team.

Migop Drama Pkg 11 11 2200 00 49 29still001“Those who win claim credit like the Democrats did yesterday,” said John Sellek, CEO of Harbor Strategic. “And the party who lost, like the Republicans, start to point fingers and start to plot who is in charge next.”

The Michigan GOP sent out their memo, breaking down what went wrong for them in the 2022 election. It was a cycle that saw the Democrats hold on to power and flip the legislature.

The memo seemed to blame Dixon and the other candidates,  the abortion issue and lack of help from donors as the main reasons for the loss.

“There are fights and fissures and backroom fights every time on the Democrat side and the Republican side. That’s why in the sense that these memos are flying back and forth at each other, it is not shocking. It’s just that now with the power of social media, it gets a lot more play and attention,” said Sellek.

That’s how everyone else found out. Dixon tweeting the memo, saying it was, “the perfect example of what is wrong with the MIGOP, it’s an issue of leadership.” Adding the party leaders refuse to take ownership of their failures.

“That does tell us now that there wasn’t a lot of love behind the scenes,” said Sellek. “And when you look back you can see where these cracks were where they weren’t working together.”

The memo says the top of the ticket, Dixon, Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo, failed to fundraise, build a platform and gain name recognition.

DePerno and Karamo were selected by delegates during the spring convention. They were both Trump-endorsed candidates going against more polished politicians.

“Past runs and past name ID, like a Tom Leonard, get their careers short circuited because the guy down in Mar-A-Lago decided to go with someone else,” said Sellek.

“Once that took place, a lot of donors said I’m not going to do this and eventually they were proven right,” said Sellek.

While the Democrats are in Lansing writing policy,  the Republicans are sending memos and placing blame. This infighting may continue until early next year when new leadership is selected for the party and a new vision can be put in place to take on Democrats.

“The common enemy may be the number one way they pull the party together and work in the same direction,” said Sellek.