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Brewvine: Hand-Pressed Wines at Amoritas Vineyards in Leelanau

Whitney Amann and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to Amoritas Vineyards in Leelanau County.  They take us through the process of their small winery they have on their vineyard.

Amoritas brings in friends and family to help with the process of making their small batch wines, sometimes three generations of the family is there getting their hands on the grapes!

The wines that come from the hand-pressed process  fall under their Amore Cellars label. One that is a very beautiful and dry Riesling.

Amoritas also has a “marble” Rosé that is offered under the Amore label, made by sneaking on some Zinfandel vines.

They offer a tasting room that will be celebrating its 5th anniversary in December, and will be celebrating with special events and discounts.




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