Hook & Hunting: What to Bring With You on Opening Day

Opening day of firearm deer season is less than a week away, and a lot of people will be heading out to their blinds.

Seven percent of the state reportedly participates, officials say – that’s hundreds of thousands of people!

Local sports centers are reminding hunters to bring all the tools they might need when they go hunting.

“Don’t forget a good compass and a knife. Everybody thinks that they don’t get lost, but they still can get lost. I know people go into the swamps and get turned around real easy and a lot of customers fall out of trees, out of tree stands, they fall asleep. So make sure you got your harness on when you’re up in the tree. Because even though it don’t seem like much, they might save your life,” says Carl Carlson, owner of Carl’s Sport Center in Lake City.

It’s also important to review the rules and regulations before you go out. That’s especially true now that deer hunters are required to report their harvest on the DNR’s website.

Reporting needs to be completed within 72 hours or before handing your deer off to a processor.

You can report your kill by clicking here.

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