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Mecosta Woman Turns 102-Years-Old

102 Year Old

The Mecosta County Commission on Aging held a special birthday for one of their regulars.

Mary Schoner is turning 102-years-old on Nov. 6.

Mary says she was born in Gratiot County before her family moved to Mecosta County.

She says she proudly lives alone, and loves to play euchre and cribbage with her friends.

Mary says she doesn’t feel like 102-years-old at all.

“It’s just another day,” she said. “Except for all this [the party].”

Mary said all the people that came out to her birthday and gave her cards and support was “awesome”.

And her secret to living to 102?

“I haven’t the faintest idea,” said Mary. “I did have a great great uncle that lived to be almost 109.”

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