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Democrat Nominee Betsy Coffia Running for the Newly Drawn 103rd District

Betsy Coffia is the Democrat nominee running against Republican state representative Jack O’Malley to represent the newly drawn 103RD district in the mid-term election.

This district is made up of Leelanau County, Almira and Platte townships in Benzie County and the northern half of Grand Traverse County.

“It’s just about doing the work for the community, regardless of red versus blue. So I’m just a really practical get it done kind of person,” said Betsy Coffia, Democrat Nominee for the 103rd District

Coffia spent the last four years as a Grand Traverse County commissioner.

“I think it puts me in a really good position to advocate and understand where Lansing sometimes misses the boat,” explained Coffia. “We need somebody with that kind of on-the-ground experience to represent our interests.”

Coffia says one of her main priorities is preserving our natural resources.

“I am very concerned because, over the last several years, there’s been no movement on holding corporate polluters accountable when they pollute our land and water,” said Coffia.

When it comes to affordable housing in northern Michigan, Coffia says more of it would help build an economy that works for everyone.

This time, a big issue on the ballot is reproductive rights, and Coffia says she will always fight to protect them.

“We should stop and reflect that our mothers and grandmothers worked for decades to get us that right to privacy and reproductive freedom. It is absolutely shocking that we are now in a position of having the Supreme Court roll back rights. They told us when they were sworn in that it was settled law,” said Coffia. “I’m not feeling like I have a lot of trust in what politicians say these days. I want to see what they do.”

The mid-term election is November 8th.

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