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Eight Days Out From Election, Tudor Dixon Rallies in Grand Rapids

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Eight days to go.

A week from Tuesday is Election Day and the candidates are not slowing down. Specifically in the governor’s race.

Republican challenger Tudor Dixon will be at Cherry Capitol Airport for a rally Tuesday evening but before that stop, she was in Grand Rapids Monday. One of several public stops made since being called out by former President Barack Obama Saturday.

“I think Gretchen Whitmer and many others are being caught off guard and caught by surprise by how good of a candidate she is,” said Rep. Bill Huizenga, Republican for the 2nd District.

Dixon held a rally in Grand Rapids in a boxing gym. A fitting metaphor of the fight she’s in with Governor Gretchen Whitmer. One that is entering the final round.

“No matter where we go the crowds are really big, and yesterday I saw an article in one of the local paper saying Gretchen Whitmer had dozens of people,” said Dixon, “Oh, that’s cute.”

Dixon had about 200 people packed in the gym Monday.

There were many more than dozens of people rallying for the Governor Saturday in Detroit, where Obama avoided using Dixon’s name and read aloud theories stated by Dixon in 2020.

“Democrats have been working for decades to topple the United States because they’re still upset about the Civil War and that COVID restrictions were part of some master plan to do this,” said Obama, “ Now first of all, what?”

Dixon says it’s nothing but a distraction.

“I think that they don’t have anything to talk about when it comes to my plan. You know that he’s going around the country trying to paint Republicans as crazy people,” said Dixon, “He’s talked about lizard people, sounded like Joe Biden on certain occasions. I think it shows that they’re nervous and I think it’s cute that he came here but I don’t think it’s going to have much of an effect.”

Would a former president have an effect for Dixon? Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno tweeted an ominous nod to another rally with Donald Trump. “This was truly pathetic. The Divider in Chief let a heckler ruin his vibe. I’m looking forward to our third rally on November __, 2022. Once again, we’ll show the Dems and fake news media how it’s done,” the tweet said.

“I have not heard that,” said Dixon, “But of course, I would always welcome President Trump.”

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