Roth Family’s Impressive Display of 1,000+ Jack-O-Lanterns

A family in Shepherd is taking their pumpkins to the next level.

The Roth family’s Halloween tradition started eight years ago when they got the idea to carve 50 pumpkins.

“I thought that was going to be a challenge that we were going to do for ourselves, but after that, it went up and up,” said Konnor Roth.

“We try to break our own record yearly,” said Kent Roth.

This year they have more than 1,000 jack-o-lanterns spanning from one side of their yard to the other.

Just as the number of jack-o-lanterns has grown, so has the number of people involved in putting together the impressive Halloween display.

It is now a community affair.

A team of six people gut all the pumpkins.

“Normally, everybody takes the top off the pumpkin off, but we take the bottom of the pumpkin off,” explained Kent Roth. “Then we use an eggbeater chucked up into a drill.”

Anyone can come on the designated carving day each year and carve as many jack-o-lanterns as they want.

“My favorite part was listening to everyone talk while carving pumpkins. They were sharing stories from the past years,” said Grace Daniels. “This was my first year, so it was cool to hear everybody else’s experiences and how much they all love it and coming out to help.”

Christmas lights are used to light the jack-o-lanterns.

Next year the Roth family hopes to reach 2,000 jack-o-lanterns.