Premium Farmhouse Feast® 2022 Giveaway with Bob Evans!

Watch Michigan This Morning November 15th to see the five lucky winners!

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all of our viewers who nominated this season. We had 1,245 wonderful nominations and 5 lucky winners: see details below!

Jamie Jesse nominated by Anne L.
Anne said: “My friend has had a tough year and is trying so hard to get her life together! She was homeless but her kind friend took her in and they live together in a small condo with not too much of anything. The couple share their food and very often they go to bed hungry so if my friends could have this Thanksgiving feast, I do believe they would be happier than they’ve been in a long time and I KNOW their tummies would be full!”
Jeannie Cronk; nominated by Amy M.
Amy said: “Thank you for your consideration of her family this holiday season!”
The Stemkowski family; nominated by Courtney S.
Courtney said “They work so hard for their family and try to get all the family together.”
Phil and Cleo Lovelly; nominated Valerie L.
Valerie said “My parents have been in lockdown mode as many seniors have. Through everything Dad has called daily, many times with tears in his voice, reminding us all that we need to be safe even if we don’t see him and Mom now. His health is not good and cancer keeps rearing its ugly head but he is our rock even when our hearts are breaking from not being able to see them.”
Jerri Julian – nominated by Jim J.
Jim said: “I nominate my wife Jerri because she has been between jobs because of Covid. We are struggling with food and I would love for her to be at ease and know we have Thanksgiving dinner.”
Watch the winner announcement on Michigan This Morning:
We hope to hear from all of you again in 2023!

Show your appreciation for a friend or loved one this Thanksgiving holiday with a nomination for a chance to win a Premium Farmhouse Feast® from Bob Evans!

Nominate A Friend Or Loved One Today

Allow a family to make memories while Bob Evans makes the dinner. Cooking a full Thanksgiving meal is hard, so 9&10 News and Bob Evans are teaming up again to cut the Thanksgiving preparation and cooking time down for five lucky families while providing them with a hearty meal! Tell your friend or family member thank you in the biggest way and nominate them by clicking the button below. Be sure to include why you’re thankful for the person, and the best method of contact to help them spend less time making dinner and more time making memories!

Winners will receive The Premium Farmhouse Feast®: a delicious premade meal that serves up to 10 people: a $144.99 value! Made with all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings: all they have to do is heat and enjoy! The Premium Farmhouse Feast® is packed cold and includes both slow-roasted turkey and hickory-smoked ham, sweet buttered corn, bread & celery dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, macaroni & cheese, cranberry relish, rolls, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and double-crust apple pie. Serves up to 10 people.

Submit your nominations before midnight, Sunday, November 13th and watch for the five winner announcements on Michigan This Morning, Tuesday, November 15th. You can also order The Premium Farmhouse Feast® this holiday: order online at by November 22nd to have your Thanksgiving meal delivered or ready for pickup at your local Bob Evans Restaurant.

Check back in here, after 11/15, for a list of winners!

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