Village of Kingsley Awarded $1.1 Million Grant to Upgrade Brownson Park

Some major upgrades are coming to the Village of Kingsley.

They just received a $1.1 million grant from the state.

“It’s a game changer for Kingsley. The grant is going to breathe a breath of life into our downtown,” said Dan Hawkins, Village Manager for the Village of Kingsley.

For years the Village of Kinglsey has wanted to make significant improvements to Brownson Park, the pulse their downtown.

“The average parks around Northern Michigan are a little tired in some cases, especially in rural portions,” said Daniel Leonard, Redevelopment Services Director for Northern Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Now the village can make its dream a reality through the $1.1 million grant from Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

“We’re taking an approach to taking advantage of the property that we have. So instead of building out, we’re building up,” explained Hawkins. “There’s going to be a tree house available in the park. We have grandma and grandpa swings that are being installed in the plan. We have a health fitness trail that’s being installed. We are definitely focusing on handicap accessibility.”

Some money will also go towards making significant renovations to the splash at Brownson park.

“We don’t have a lake or a water body of water that children can get cool down in the summertime, so the splash pad is a big deal in Kingsley,” said Hawkins.

Not only does the village hope the park will give people a reason to visit downtown, but to make this area their home.

“I think it’s going to be a catalyst for other good things to take place in town. We’ve got the momentum going. Five years ago, we had seven empty storefronts, all full,” said Hawkins.

“I think having the small town be able to step up and show that they can get it done and make a big impact will set a great standard for the rest of our Michigan,” explained Leonard.

Construction at Brownson park is expected to begin this spring.