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Job Fair in Manistee- Auto Manufacturing Jobs

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Myotek Job Fair on Oct. 27 from 2 pm to 6 pm, at Myotek facility in Manistee.

We sit down with Robert Nash and Kerri Robinson to enlighten us about the expansion of jobs available in Northern Michigan.

Robert is Vice President of Myotek North America and Asia Pacific, a 20+ year veteran of the Automotive Industry, and was hired by Myotek in 2019 to provide leadership and guidance at their Manistee facility.

He has since transformed the plant into a leading producer of  LED Lighting Solutions and Electronic Assemblies.

Kerri Robinson is a Quality Engineer at Myotek Manistee with 20+ years of experience as a Quality Professional. She has experience in many facets of the manufacturing process of automotive & non-automotive products.  Kerri was hired in 2021 to be the Quality Engineer on new business coming into the Manistee facility.



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