Brimley 4th Graders Hold “Sock-tober”

As we head into the cold, winter months of northern Michigan, there is nothing like a warm pair of socks. For some, having a warm pair may be a struggle.

Mrs. Mcleod-Dettloff’s 4th grade class at Brimley Elementary School is holding its “Sock-tober” event until Oct. 31.

The students sent out close to 100 letters to area businesses as well as to parents to tell them about the need of new, packaged socks.

“As a teacher, I really wanted to do this because it gives my students an authentic writing audience and purpose.” 4th grade teacher Daraka Mcleod-Dettloff says, “They were really invested in the whole process from writing the letters, counting the socks, and organizing it.”

The socks will be handed out to those in need, in an effort to assure no one has cold feet this winter season.

As of Monday, they had just over 800 pairs of socks.

With your help, they hope to reach 1,000.


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