Brimley Social Worker Opens “Tack Room” to Help Students

The school clinical social worker for Brimley’s schools opened up a “Tack Room” this year. The room serves to provide any student with food or clothing with no charge.

“When I had the idea for this, I didn’t want this to be only for children with an economic need. I wanted it to be every kid in this school.” Said clinical social worker, Karly McLean. “We have over 450 kids so I want to service, kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. We have children that are less fortunate, that need warmer clothes or boots or shoes.  We have kids that don’t like what is for lunch so they come in for a snack, or some Ramen Noodles or some Mac and Cheese.”

If you have clean clothes or any food you would like to donate, contact Brimley Elementary School.

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