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Crafting With The Katies

Crafting with the Katies: DIY Your Own Ghost Pillow

It’s the last full week of October, but we still have one more Halloween craft to show you…a DIY ghost pillow!

You have two options to make this pillow, either by sewing or by gluing. Depending on your experience level with sewing, you can do either option.

To make your own ghost pillow, you’ll need:

  • A large cardboard piece or a larger piece of paper
  • White fleece (we used about a yard)
  • Black felt
  • Sharpie
  • Fabric Fusion or needle and black and white thread
  • Stuffing
  • Scissors

Step 1: Trace out an outline of a ghost on your cardboard or large piece of paper. You can make it any shape you’d like, but try to avoid a lot of sharp edges or too many wavy lines. then, cut it out.

Step 2: Take your fleece and fold it so the softer side is facing inward and the less softer side is facing out.

Step 3: Take your outline and place it on your fleece. Make sure it’s not too close to the edge. Then, take your sharpie and trace around your outline.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed your trace, you can cut out your fabric. Make sure you’re cutting both layers of fleece so you have a front and a back of the pillow.

Step 5: If you want to sew or glue the outline of your ghost pillow, now’s the time to do it! No matter which method you choose, make sure you leave about a three inch opening somewhere on your pillow.

Step 6: Once you’ve sewed or glued your pillow together, and left an opening, take your pillow and flip it right side out, so the softer side of your fabric now faces out.

Step 7: Take your black felt and create some eyes and a mouth. You can make a template to trace with or freehand it. Cut it out once you’re done.

Step 8: Line up your mouth and eyes to where you want it on your pillow, then go ahead and either glue or sew them on to your pillow.

Step 9: Stuff your pillow using your opening. We pulled the stuffing apart before putting it in the pillow for extra fluffiness!

Step 10: Once you’re done stuffing, glue or sew together the opening of your pillow.

And you’re done! If there’s a craft you would like us to try and DIY, email us at or

Happy haunting!

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