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Inside The Kitchen at Jacob’s Farm TC in Traverse City


“So kind of anything that you can think of ‘fall,’ we have it this this time of year, so it’s a very magical time on the farm.

When you think Jacob’s Farm TC, general manager Jeremy Smith says you might think corn maze, hay rides, the u-pick farm and donuts.

“There’s a lot of uniqueness and charm, you know,” Jeremy said.

But with a full day of fun fall activities, their kitchen is not to be overlooked when you need to refuel.

“It’s a baked potato, but on a pizza, you know, it’s two things everybody loves. So, you know, why not bring them together?” said kitchen manager, David Steffis.

He is the brains behind the loaded baked potato pizza.

“Just another, you know, late night imagination, creation,” he laughed.

It has a ranch base, plenty of cheddar and mozzarella, smoked potatoes, bacon, sour cream and green onion.

David says he takes a lot of pride in the dishes he’s come up with.

“Oh, it is casual, contemporary American food, but we try to, like, have a little fun twist here and there and everything,” he said. “Just make it interesting.”

The goal for the Buddha bowl is sweet, rich and hearty.

“So it’s sort of like a yin and yang thing where you got, you know, the bitterness of the kale with the sweetness of the dressing, the sweet potato, so it kind of like balances itself out,” David said.

All to be washed down with a little cider.

“Yeah, it’s kind of one of those just creature comforts,” said Jeremy.

It’s your one stop shop to soak in all the sips and smells, sights and sounds, losing track of time as you’re surrounded by all things fall.

“And it’s four or five hours later, so it’s really fun to see,” said Jeremy.

You can find Jacob’s Farm TC at 7100 East Traverse Highway, or call them at 231-632-6293.

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