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MSP Provides Tips for National Teen Driver Safety Week

Teen Drivng

Oct. 16-22 is National Teen Driver Safety Week, and Michigan State Police say it’s a time for parents to learn more about and get involved in their teens’ driving habits.

“Studies have found that parents who are more involved in the education and the driving of their teenagers, they’re less likely to get in accidents,” said Michigan State Police Seventh District Public Information Officer Spl./Lt. Derrick Carroll. “They’re 50% less likely to be in accidents and 71% less likely to drive while intoxicated.”

In 2021, Lt. Carroll said 6.9% of drivers in Michigan were teens, and of those teens, 9% were involved in fatalities.

“The number one cause of fatalities for teen drivers is speeding, but also with that, they’re not seasoned drivers,” said Lt. Carroll. “They’re not experienced. It takes 3-5 years of all seasons driving to actually get a feel for how to drive and what you need to do.”

Lt. Carroll said several ways for parents to get involved with their teens before they get behind the wheel.

“There are apps out there, you can go online and look for apps to monitor your kids driving,” he said. “Also make sure the vehicle they’re driving is road-worthy, such as snow tires in the winter, the proper fluids.”

He says parents can also teach their teens to put their phone away while driving, and for parents to lead by example.

“By having an active role in being involved in the education of your child and their driving, studies have show that this does play a factor in crashes,” Lt. Carroll said.

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