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Free Laundry Services for those in Need in Grand Traverse County

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Laundry is an extra expense for some families that they just cant afford.

That’s where the laundry project steps in.

This project is mostly for those families to supply their children with clean clothes to wear to school but expands to the homeless community and those who just may not have access to a washer in their own home. Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency adopted the laundry project in 2019 and plans on expanding it.

“We also are targeting like families as well, like school age children. That’s why the program is from we run it during the school year currently, but we’re looking to hopefully expand it to year round,” Alissa Norris, the Financial Management Services Marketing Coordinator at Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency, says.

To keep this program running, Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency relies on donations. Information on how to donate is available .


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