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Roscommon County United Way Helps Local Food Pantries with $250,000 Grant

Roscommon County United Way received a $250,000 grant from the Consumers Energy Foundation.

They were one of two recipients that received this grant, and plan on using this money to assist the Roscommon County Food Pantry in Houghton Lake and the We Feed Shop in Saint Helen.

They will be helping the pantries expand their capabilities by doing some infrastructure upgrades. They will also develop a mobile soup kitchen to serve Roscommon County.

“Not only does this grant give us the opportunity in Roscommon County to have a soup kitchen, but it’s a mobile soup kitchen so we can ease the stress of distance. We can take the soup kitchen to where the people are so they don’t have to travel to get the assistance,” Thomas Pettit, Grant Coordinator for Roscommon County United Way, says.

Food insecurities have increased, especially in rural communities, but now Roscommon County United Way is hoping to help reduce that problem.

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