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Gaylord Man Arrested After Plotting Murder for Hire of Ex-Girlfriend

Caleb Beesley

A Gaylord man was arrested after telling an inmate in the Charlevoix County Jail he would bail him out of jail if the inmate would kill someone, according to Michigan State Police.

Caleb Beesley, 26, who was already serving time in jail for an unrelated charge, was about to be released when the Charlevoix County Prosecutor authorized additional charges against Beesley for new assault allegations, MSP says.

Troopers had opened a new investigation against Beesley for an alleged felonious assault and false imprisonment after a woman who had began dating Beesley in 2021 said that Beesley had allegedly brutally assaulted her for over a year, in several different states, as they traveled together and that some of these attacks lead to hospitalization.

After being informed of the new charges, MSP says that Beesley began to devise a plan to kill his ex-girlfriend. He offered to pay another inmate’s bond, provide him additional funds and gifts in exchange for the murder. After Beesley posted his bond and was released on tether, the inmate expressed his concerns to the correctional sheriff’s deputy who then relayed the information to the MSP Gaylord Post.

Troopers found that Beesley’s tether was defective and were unable to determine his location. But they discovered that Beesley was likely staying with his new girlfriend in Traverse City. They were able to get an arrest warrant for solicitation – homicide and bond violations.

The Traverse Narcotics Team, MSP Emergency Support Team, MSP Fugitive Team and detectives for the MSP Gaylord Post found Beesley’s car. After several hours of surveillance, they saw Beesley exiting an apartment complex and were able to arrest him.

Beesley was arraigned Tuesday for one count homicide solicitation for murder.

The judge did not authorize bond and Beesley remains lodged in jail.

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