Dominique Hopf from Petoskey Making Homemade Leather Bags with her Kids by her Side

Dominique Hopf started her sewing journey 13 years ago when she was pregnant with her son.

At the time, it was something Hopf found relaxing, but one phone call quickly changed that.

“My sister called from Alaska and asked if I would make her some bags, and I said, I have no idea how to make bags. And she said, well, figure it out,” explained Dominique Hopg, Owner of Dominique Bags.

So that’s what Hopf did, using the skills she knew from quilting to start making bags.

That led Hopf to create her business Dominique Bags, trying out different materials and eventually falling in love with leather.

“I don’t have to iron leather, so it’s really nice. It’s the strongest, most durable material and ages well,” Hopf said.

Her basement studio at her house in Petoskey is where she makes all her handmade items. You can find anything from a simple tote to a fanny pack or passport holder.

“People are my biggest inspiration. I’ve got a couple of friends who send me random ideas,” explained Hopf. “I’ve also been doing a lot of art fairs this year, so talking to people at the art fairs and things that they want in a bag or things they don’t like in a bag.”

Not only has her business grown, but so has her family.

Hopf started her sewing journey when she was pregnant with her first child and now has three children.

“It’s fun to have that inspiration for my kids to see me just doing it when I don’t know how and figure it out. I think that’s helping them to conquer their fears,” said Hopf.

Hopf’s goal is to open a barn where she can teach people how to sew.

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