SkyBridge Michigan at Boyne Mountain Giving Amazing Views and Thrills

The SkyBridge Michigan at Boyne Mountain opens on Saturday. It’s 112 feet up in the air and 1,200 hundred feet long, connecting two peaks.

“The lay of the land here made the most sense from the top of our McLouth slope over to the top of Disciples Ridge. The Earth already created this natural valley for us to span this thing across,” said Kari Roder, Director of Marketing at Boyne Mountain.

The SkyBridge breaks records as the world’s longest timber tower suspension bridge.

From the initial inspiration to have the bridge resemble the “M” in Pure Michigan to completion, it only took about a year and a half.

“The bridge design really pays homage to the Northern Michigan Lumber Era, with the timber tower frames,” said Erin Ernst, Director of Communications for Boyne Mountain.

When you venture onto the bridge, you will get amazing views of the Boyne Valley and a little thrill.

“It sways a bit as people walk on it. It also has a 36-foot panel of glass right in the middle. So you get that view straight down. “It’s going to be a really neat experience,” said Ernst.

“The floor is graded, so when you look down, you see the woods and the trees. There’s a chairlift below you at one point,” explained Roder.

SkyBridge Michigan will be open year-round, giving you a different experience each season.

“It’s something that people can do without having to have a skill set like skiing or golfing,” said Ernst.

“We’re always looking ahead, innovating and looking towards the future and just seeing what boundaries we can push next,” said Roder.

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