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Fab Rehab In Cadillac Gives New Life to Old Items

The doors are open at Fab Rehab. It’s located inside the Wexford-Osceola Habitat for Humanity Restore.

When you go into Fab Rehab, you never know what you might find. They have unique, hard-to-find treasures and upcycled items.

“The Fab Rehab team will pick out items from the store and them home and redo them, explained Amy Gibbs, Executive Director at Wexford-Osceola Habitat for Humanity.

“When looking for things to rehab, it’s potential, potential, potential, just like flipping houses and things like that,” said Jessica Holly, Fab Rehab Team Member. “You want good bones. You want it to be a sturdy piece. Real wood is ideal, but you can do a lot with the fake veneer wood too.”

The possibilities are endless inside Fab Rehab. You can find things like two chairs turned into a bench, an old toolbox turned into a bourbon bar or a suitcase turned into a table.

“It gives new life to things that you have cherished all your life that are your antiques and your treasured items, and they bring it back into here and give it new life,” said Jennie Denike, Customer at Fab Rehab.

All the money from selling the items goes to help people in Wexford and Osceola counties.

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