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‘Scary Stories for Creepy Kids’ Podcast Publishes First Book


“This is . I’m Ayla and I’m Calla.

Back in May–we talked to two sisters with a love for scary storytelling.

I asked the girls, “Why do you love scary stories?” Ayla replied, “Cause it’s in our blood.”

Sharing their spooky stories on their podcast– Scary Stories for Creepy Kids. Reaching almost 100,000 listens– Ayla and Calla were just getting warming up…

Their mother Tara Rybicki says, “We were out together like as a family and they were talking about putting their stories in a book. And, you know, I thought it would be like a fleeting type of desire, but with them, no, they just kept on talking about it and talking about it. And I was like, well, why not? We can look into it.”

Raising enough money to achieve their goal– finally publishing their own book with Mission Point Press.

“There’s 83 pages, but some of them are recipes and acknowledgements and drawings….Short and spooky, with a side of silly.”

Their book was endorsed by Don Roff– the lead writer for .

“It’s made by kids and for kids. Because what kids wants to make an adult book? What kid wants to make a book about romance?”

Their father, Adam Rybicki says, “They had complete control over basically and what stories went in. And other than the editing process, they pretty much did all of it themselves other than us just, you know, sending the information to the people that put together the book.”

Just weeks after the book was released, they have already gotten so much love!

“They’ve sold books in the U.S., Japan, Canada and the UK,” says Tara.

Counting on their fingers, the girls mentioned some people who have already purchased their book. Ayla says, “My teacher bought it, Calla’s teacher bought it, and our music teacher bought it. Our music teacher asked us to sign her book….It’s going to be available at and .”

And as Tara and Adam supported their kids, they also noticed how much their daughters grew throughout the process.

Tara shares, “I think it was Calla specifically. She can be a little bit shy and I think it really has helped her confidence, which is very cool to see.”

“I think it’s helped both of their speech a lot, I think it’s really helped them be more articulate when they talk. The main thing is just be it’s cool to be creative. Just get out there and just do your thing,” says Adam.

Ayla and Calla will even be hosting their very own Creepy Kids costume party on Friday at 4 p.m. in celebration of their new book at the East Bay Branch of the Traverse Area District Library.

Tara says, “Ayla’s going to read a story from the book and we’re going to have kids test out the podcast microphone because it’s something that can be done by anyone and then also have kids like share story ideas for the podcast and give away a free book.”

With excitement Ayla says, “I’m going to read a story out of here. I don’t know which one I’m going to read, but I really want to read my favorite one, which is toes in tomato sauce.”

“You can find our book by searching scary stories for creepy kids on !”

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