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Daifuku Manufacturing Opens Doors in Boyne City, Bringing New Jobs to Northern Michigan

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Daifuku Manufacturing opened their doors in Boyne City Tuesday.

“I think it’s really exciting. You’re looking at a brand new manufacturing facility based here in Boyne City,” Senator Wayne Schmidt says.

The company has made a $26 million commitment.

This plant is the manufacturing hub for airport baggage handling products and automatic guided vehicles. It’s also bringing more jobs for northern Michigan.

“Their commitment to northern Michigan in terms of using subcontractors to build the plant to the employees and for bringing new product line here is really tremendous. Can’t say thank you enough for their commitment to northern Michigan,” Schmidt adds.

David Emmel, the President of Northern Lakes Economic Alliance, says northern Michigan is a perfect place for a facility like this.

“This is a great example of why northern Michigan is such a great place to do business. This is a very low cost environment for manufacturers. And so you see around this whole area a large concentration of industry and business in the metal working, fabrication and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It’s a competency we have here,” he says.

It shows just how important facilities like these are to the local economy

“These investment is trickle down through our economy at levels that most people don’t recognize. So there’s something we call a multiplier effect, which is for every dollar invested in a company like this, this will support another $4.3 into the local economy through wages, direct wages and salaries for individuals,” Emmel says.


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