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Village of Kingsley’s President Stepping Down After 51 Years

Monday marks the end of an era for Michigan’s current longest-serving elected official.

Rod Bogart, the president of the Village of Kingsley, is stepping down to start a new chapter.

Over the last five decades, he’s left his print all over Kingsley. From helping make decisions for the place, he was born and raised in to his day job as a builder.

It all started in 1971. At 24, Bogart became a trustee on the Kingsley Village Council.

“At the time I got on the village board, we had an old wooden water tank up on the hill, and we also needed sewers,” said Rod Bogart, President of the Village of Kingsley. “So was the main motivation when I got on the board and we replaced the water tank, and we got sewers, and we got new streets.”

“The population in the village has increased dramatically, and a lot of that is related directly to utilities of sewer and water being installed here in the town,” explained Dan Hawkins, Manager for the Village of Kingsley.

By 1981 rod was elected president of the Village of Kingsley and has held that position ever since.

“I guess they wouldn’t let me out. A couple of times, I didn’t run and got written in,” said Bogart.

Bogart served 51 years, making him Michigan’s longest-serving elected official.

“He upholds the values of a small town. Look out for each other, be accountable for your actions and defend what’s right in a small town,” explained Hawkins.

“He never allowed what could benefit him to come first. The village came first because he loves Kingsley, and he knew Kingsley could grow,” said Barbara Bogart, Rod Bogart’s wife.

As Bogart enters his new chapter, he has this advice for local leaders.

“You must stay informed, stay motivated, and don’t get hoodwinked,” said Bogart.

Monday is Bogart’s last village council meeting.

Mary Lako is expected to replace Bogart. Lako is running uncontested in the November election.

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