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Inside the Kitchen at Fiddleheads

Chef James Banks says the OTG is the most popular breakfast sandwich at Fiddleheads in Lake Leelanau, made on their homemade focaccia bread.

“It’s, you know, got all of our personal love in it,” he said.  “And that it’s got a nice soft olive oil essence to it.”

Owner Joshua Deters says Fiddleheads was born after a walk in the woods one day.

“I saw some ferns and little threads and that popped into my head and that’s what stuck, so it’s, you know, it’s, it’s that woodsy, natural, organic name that really fits the establishment,” said Joshua.

They say the flavors they’re fusing together are ones you will not get anywhere else, like their show stopping bacon jam.

“It’s got balsamic vinegar, molasses, red onion, bacon, brown sugar. And then just some time, we let it just reduce down to slicing thick like this and time,” he said.

“Oh, I love it,” said Vicki Kilway.

She has been in the area for decades.

“They just bring something new and different to the community,” she said. “And for a long time Lake Leelanau was kind of stagnant and we finally have started to grow again.”

She says Fiddleheads is her go-to spot.

Some prefer it to-go, in their market offering locally-made snacks, beer, wine and more.

“You can feel the local vibes from everyone,” said James. “We have a lot of neighbors that have become just regular customers that when they walk in we know exactly what they want and that’s what kind of environment that we like to have here.”

You can find Fiddleheads at 202 W Main Street, and call them at 231-994-2121.

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