Blake York Empowering Women Through Rosé Mobile Boutique

It’s about 40 feet long, can be kind of loud, and went from taking kids to school to the Rosé Mobile Boutique.

The lady behind this elevated shopping experience is Blake York. She’s an x-ray tech turned small business owner.

“I can just tell how much happier I am that I’m doing something that I love,” said Blake York, Owner of Rosé Mobile Boutique.

The person behind the wheel is Blake York’s husband.

“I never saw myself driving a bus. It’s fun now that I’m used to it. So I enjoy it,” explained Thomas York, Bus Driver of Rosé Mobile Boutique.

The couple takes the rosé colored bus around northern Michigan, stopping at private parties and events, or you might see it in front of a restaurant.

“We had a whole day where we had food and drinks, and then people could go on the bus and shop,” said Hannah Mikazes, a customer at Rosé Mobile Boutique.

You can get anything here, from shirts, dresses, jeans, shoes or accessories, but for Blake York, it’s not about what you buy. It’s how you feel walking out.

“My favorite part is just, how unique it is and how Blake can take somebody that doesn’t know what their style is, and they’re not comfortable when they come in, and when they leave, they’re so happy,” said Victoria Lapointe, Employee at Rosé Mobile Boutique.”

“I love doing that. I love seeing the reaction when they come out of the dressing room, and they’re like, I love this. I would have never picked this for myself,” explained York. “I’m happy to help and love making people feel empowered and beautiful just the way they are.”

Not only has York turned her side gig into a full-time job, but she’s built a sisterhood too.

“She took a leap of faith and did it. I’m really happy that she did it because it’s been so cool for everybody around her or around here, and then really nice to see her like grow and flourish, too,” said Mikazes.

You can also shop everything Blake York has to offer in her online boutique.

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