The Cherry Hut Celebrates 100 Years & Counting


HutTo commemorate a major milestone, the Cherry Hut in Benzie County was presented a plaque from the Chamber of Commerce.

“(It) is quite an honor coming for the representative and the senator is just it means so much because our family and all our workers here have made a commitment and a lot of effort into making it a good experience, a memorable experience for everybody that comes to northern Michigan’s local, local folks and travelers as well,” Andy Case, Cherry Hut owner, says.

This restaurant has more to celebrate than just this award with their 100 year anniversary taking place this year.

“It’s only been two families that have owned it in 100 years. So really special.” comments owner, Christy Case.

They’ve seen a lot of customers come through their doors over the last 100 years but many are familiar faces.

“I’ve been coming here well, since I retired in ’93 and off and on before that, whenever I would be visiting,” Ruth Catton, a customer, mentions.

They have no plans to stop at just one hundred years

“It’s just we’re hoping to keep the, you know, the business going. I’ve got a couple of young sons now, that interest in the business. And it’s a it’s a family tradition. It has been since the beginning. And we hope to continue that. And it’s just been a very exciting year for us. And we look forward to the future,” Case adds.

A truly tasty tradition.