U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City Sends Support to Florida After Ian

The destruction from hurricane Ian left the state of Florida in need of support, and Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City was more than happy to help.

Hurricane Ian“We started in Palm Beach on Tuesday, and we expected the hurricane to hit Clearwater at that time. And it took a turn to the south. So we were able to deploy back to Clearwater air station, and that’s where we based our efforts out of there and were there until the end of the week next week,” Tate Miller, an avionics electrical technician, told us after returning from Florida.

The aftermath of the hurricane left a mark on the community. James Lowe, a rescue swimmer, describes it as “wild to see” commenting those “who called it their homes and, may not call it their homes anymore for, six months to a year or if they ever even go back there.”

This was a team effort with the coast guard operating at a much larger scale than usual.

“It was a really unique opportunity to interact with a bunch of different types of units get integrated together, air assets, boat forces, as well as like law enforcement units that came down as well from all across the country,” Brian Eldridge, a co-pilot, adds.