Roscommon Twp. Board Members Discuss Dropping M-55 Down to Three Lanes

Some changes could be coming to M-55 in Roscommon Township.

M55rosco2Roscommon Township board members met Tuesday evening to discuss their options. Board members decided to have an operational study done on their M-55 corridor off of US-127.

Township Supervisor Diane Randall suggested dropping M-55 from four lanes to three lanes with a turning lane. She says the changes are needed in order to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

“In Roscommon Township we wish to play a proactive role in seeing what we can do to make our M-55 corridor safer for our vehicles and our pedestrians,” Randall says.

Board members agreed to have the operational study done, but say they’re not sure three lanes will be the right answer. However, they say they hope the operational study will point them in the right direction.

The study won’t take place until 2023.