Petoskey Public Safety Earns State Accreditation

"That is our mission to serve our community to the best of our ability." - Matt Breed

A northern Michigan Police Department is getting recognition for meeting high standards of excellence.Petoskey Patrol Car

Petoskey Public Safety just went through a two year-long accreditation process. The director says it proved to be quite the challenge, but they met the requirements of more than 100 standards for policies and procedures.

“It’s a very in depth process, it proved to be quite a challenge. It’s a set of 108 standards that are put forward by the Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission,” Director Matt Breed says.

It’s also a way departments can calculate and improve their overall performance, and be recognized for professional achievement. “Do you have policy and procedure to make sure you do the job correctly? And do you in fact follow the policy and procedure?”

Petoskey Public Safety“We are a proactive police department and we depend on our community. It’s important that the community understands that we are going to continue to strive to do our job even better. We are going to meet all the standards, going forward we have to continue to meet the standards,” Breed says.

There are nearly 600 law enforcement agencies in Michigan, and so far, Petoskey is just the 42nd in the state to receive accreditation status.