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Two Sisters in Cadillac Each Own a Consignment Store

Monday is National Consignment Day. It’s the perfect day to do some shopping, especially if you like to save a buck or two or help the environment.

Two sisters in Cadillac have a passion for consignment.

Kim Meyering owns ABC Consignment.

“We take our items by season. Right now, we’re taking fall and winter items,” says Meyering. “The items need to be clean and in new condition, ready to be put out and with the current styles and trends.”

She says consignment shopping has become more popular in recent years.

“Especially with the younger crowd, high schoolers, we see a lot more of them, which is a lot of fun,” says Meyering.

Meyering’s sister Angela Warner owns Bound for Books, a consignment book store right next door.

“We have found that you get a little more for your items by having it be on consignment because when your items sell, you get a larger percentage of the selling price rather than just buying it outright or giving credit,” explained Warner.

Warner also says she’s noticed if a series is coming out on Netflix based on a book series, everyone wants the book.

Bound for Books also sells puzzles.

“It’s another great way to give people an opportunity to get rid of the stashes they maybe have sitting around,” said Warner. “Once you do a puzzle, many people don’t like to do them again.”

The sister duo loves most about the consignment business is the people who come through the door.

“I just wanted to connect to people. I wanted to talk to people, hear their stories, and share my story if needed,” said Warner.

Both stores have the same policy. Once an item sells, the consigner gets 40% and the store 60%.

If an item does not sell after five months, you can pick it up, or they will donate it.

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