Mackinac Bridge Authority Ends Token Reimbursement Program

Starting in 2023, bridge tokens will no longer be refunded at the Mackinaw Bridge.

Tokens for toll lanes were discontinued back in 2019 due to lack of demand.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority says they believe less than one percent of tokens are still in circulation.

“Only a few customers bring in tokens anymore for reimbursement and there is quite a paperwork process each time they do,” said Bridge Director Kim Nowack. “We’ve given customers three years to sell back their tokens to us and it’s time to turn remaining tokens into collectors’ items.”

Customers have until Dec. 31 to redeem their remaining tokens at the MBA office at the north end of the bridge.

You’ll get $4 for your first 24 tokens and $1.50 for every token after that.

Tokens are also available to purchase as souvenirs here.