Déjà Vu: Michigan Gas Prices Back Above $4 a Gallon

Gasoctober1After a steady decline over the past few months, gas prices in Michigan are back above $4 a gallon.

Drivers in Michigan have been put through an emotional rollercoaster with gas prices over the past year. Prices reached a historic $5 a gallon back in June and have been steadily decreasing since, that is until recently.

“I thought the gas prices were going down because that’s what they’ve been talking about,” one driver complains.

The average cost for a gallon of gas in Michigan is $4.17 a gallon, up 33 cents from last month and 96 cents from last year. Gas prices in Michigan now sits 38 cents higher than the national average. AAA Michigan says the higher prices are due to unplanned refinery maintenance in the Midwest, as well as a recent fire that occurred at an oil refinery near Toledo, Ohio.

“And then we add in an increase in demand for gasoline as well as much tighter supplies which are likely due to the unplanned issues with the refineries in the Midwest,” AAA Spokesperson Adrienne Woodland explains.

And with the recent rise in prices, folks are trying to figure out ways they can save. One motorist heading back home downstate says she’s been extra mindful about when she uses her car.

“I try to really think about when I’m using the car. Try to combine errands, not drive as much,” she states. Gasoctober2

AAA says they’re not sure when we’ll see the next decrease in prices, but says in the meantime drivers should drive less aggressively and remove any unnecessary weight from vehicles.

The motorists heading back home says she’s not happy with the higher prices, but is trying to put things in perspective and stay positive.

“I guess we shouldn’t complain, because my daughters are living over in Sweden and they pay over $10 a gallon,” she says. “I mean, we still have a long way to go, but it is hard because we are so dependent on the cars here.”