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CMU Student Receives Racist Message, School Responds

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Central Michigan University is apologizing and reassuring students after a racist message was found last week.

The message was found in a dorm door Wednesday night.

The school has not said what dorm it was or what the exact message was, except to say it was an attack against “women of color and involved language that carries storied, historical nuances that are still lived out today.”

A very similar event happened on campus in 2018, followed by an anti-trans message shortly after.

In a mass email to students and staff, the school says the campus is an inclusive and inviting place for all. Minority students want to know what actually is being done to stop this from happening and want people to know it’s not just a joke.

“If you want this to be an anti-racist community, we need to stop this and actually look at what we’re saying before we say it,” said Jordyn Dean, president of the Black Student Union, “It’s more than just a couple words because words have meaning. Words can hurt, words have power and that power can break somebody to the point where they might not even come back and finish their career here.”

The university declined to comment any further on the situation when questioned.

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