Flag Retirement Drop Box Now Available in Acme

Jacob Snover just completed his eagle scout project, a flag retirement drop box. 

The scout says “The troop is going to pick up the flags probably once a month and they’re just going to retire them in a respectful manner so that people aren’t using their old or tattered flags anymore”

Anyone at anytime can come to Bayside Park, can simply open it up and drop in their flag.

i think it’s going to be great for people to be able to bring the boxes, the flags up for retirement. We get a lot of flags that come in” comments Assistant Scoutmaster, Greg Snover.

BoxAlong with being a scoutmaster, he is also Jacob’s father.

“My dad is my biggest supporter by far. He helped me out through the entire process and he’s really great.” adds Jacob.

As a father, he cannot be more proud saying “It’s great to see how he’s taking is taking up as a leader learning leadership skills and how to be a good citizen within the community.”

A great addition for the community.