New Boutique Comes to Manistee


William Travis is a veteran who crafts cutting boards. He wanted to create an outlet for other veterans to display and sell their art

We only get a few hours of sleep or whatever it may be. And this is something to keep us active.” says Travis. He adds “So I wanted to be able to showcase my work along with other veterans work out there and try to help them get their products out on the market and sell.”

Starting this shop was a team effort. Travis worked with his wife along with a local organization to find his artists for his shop

He states that ” the first thing was we talked to the veterans administration over here in Manistee. Eric Sullivan, ran the idea by him and asked since he did work for the veteran’s administration if he knew veterans that made things, it just so happens that he actually made birdhouses and bird feeders. And that’s when he had reached out to Boutveterans that he knew personally. That did make things.”

A shop that many are happy to see come to fruition. Third Coast Boutique is located at 113 Washington ST in Manistee. Their Facebook can be found here.