Prom for Adults Comes to Traverse City to Raise Funds for Mental Health Needs

For high schoolers – it’s homecoming season. But for the adults – there’s the prom!

Tc Prom NightThe nonprofit “Spark in the Dark” is working with Illuminate My Life Counseling to hold an adult prom in Traverse City on Saturday night. Along with Right Brain Brewery and 231 Entertainment, the idea is to raise money for mental health services, and those who can’t afford them.

Organizers say there’s a huge wait list for mental health, and many more people don’t come because they can’t afford it. Jenna Genereaux is the owner of Illuminate My Life Counseling. “We’ve got a lot of people coming in that can’t afford counseling,” she says.

“Our community is in such a need. Our wait list has been so long for the last couple years that it takes forever to get to people.”  DJ Bill Schramm says, “Making that available for people that don’t have the financial means is huge.”Right Brain

The goal is to ensure that anyone in need of mental health counseling has access to it, regardless of their ability to afford it. The funds will be used primarily to cover insurance co-pays and cash sessions for those who don’t have insurance; for at least 6 sessions per person.

Prom is Saturday night at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City. Genereaux says, “We are doing donations at the door. You don’t have to buy a ticket. No amount is too little. No amount is too big. We do have a suggested donation of $50 just for people that were asking… but anybody can come.”

Schramm adds, “It’s going to be a fantastic night, we’ve got the 360 video booth. There’s a photographer coming to take formal shots, we’ve got the regular photo booth, DJ system, cold spark pyrotechnics. We’re literally pulling out all the stops. It’s going to be a blast.”

Illuminate My Life Counseling, along with the nonprofit “Spark in the Dark” – are also taking donations for those who want to help but can’t make it to the prom. And there’s a matching donation from Bruja Management Group, through October 3. To donate, click here.