East Jordan Elementary Starts ‘EJ Today,’ New Morning Announcements Show

Morning announcements are something that many schools do every day.

The teachers at East Jordan Elementary are going above and beyond to give their students an opportunity to be part of the process. Ej 2

Instead of morning announcements over the intercom, STEM teacher Sarah Roche and Technology Director Andrew Bergmann, decided to add video to the announcements. These two elementary teachers have no experience with broadcasting, but thought it would be fun to learn and let to students be part of the journey.

Both teachers and students are learning from the ground up– buying microphones, lights, using a teleprompter, and green screen. It’s been a learning process, but Roche and Bergmann have enjoyed every minute of it. With their help, Roche and Bergmann help put together the set, the scripts in the teleprompter, and producing the show with graphics and music.

The Four’s Monika Zachara and photojournalist Megan Groh had the opportunity to talk to students about their new announcement show. The students were able to ask them questions about their careers as well as other positions behind the scenes.

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