Sheriff: No Serious Injuries in Beal City School Bus Accident

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office says a Beal City school bus was struck by a car on Winn Road in Deerfield Township Thursday morning.

According to the sheriff’s office, the accident occurred when the school bus was stopped with its red lights activated as students boarded the bus. The driver of the other vehicle failed to stop and struck the rear of the bus.

The sheriff’s office says no one on the bus was seriously injured. A few students were checked over by Mobile Medical Response and then released to their parents. The driver of the bus and the car were not injured and denied any medical attention.

“We need to pay attention,” Bill Chilman, Beal City Schools Superintendent says. “As you can see, there’s not a lot of damage to this bus at all. But the fact remains, our precious cargo, kids are on these busses and we need people to slow down and pay attention. Look for those red lights and make sure that you’re following the rules. Especially before and after school time when these busses are out on the road.”

The sheriff’s office reminds drivers that it is important to be diligent while driving to monitor traffic and the frequent stops a school bus make. Reducing speed and avoiding being distracted are keys to avoiding collisions.