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3-Year-Old Girl Found Safe in Kinross

A 3-year-old girl in Chippewa County followed her two dogs into the woods and got lost, says the Sherriff’s office. The girl was found a mile west of her parent’s house by a person not even associated with the search.

Aspen lives in Arbor Ridge Estates in Kinross. She walked out of the house with her two dogs around 10 a.m. and was told to stay within eyesight.

Within an hour, numerous law enforcement agencies along with first responders started searching the area, and was found three hours later. For those three hours, Aspen walked through some thick woods with only light clothing on and no shoes.

When she was reunited with her mom and dad, Aspen took it all in stride.

“She said she was just taking a walk. The first thing I asked her was ‘what were you doing?’ ‘I was just taking a walk in the woods’. I said Oh, okay. Please, no, not unless you have somebody with you,” said Aspen’s parents, Cheyenne and Justin Fountain, about her disappearing.

The Fountains told us they will be setting definite boundaries to where their children can go.

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