Spillin’ the Tea on the New ‘CuTea Boba’ in Traverse City

Bubble and Boba tea are popular drinks that originated in Taiwan.

Fun, delicious drinks that truly are an experience… You’ll know when you actually take a sip of one!

Recently, CuTea Boba, a new Boba tea place, opened up in Traverse City. It’s a fun play on words, and an even better drink! CuTea Boba is offering the community the most authentic Boba straight from Taiwan.

Boba is a tapioca pearl, usually made of cassava root. It has a chewy texture, and it’s delicious! Bursting Bobas are a burst of flavor, filled with juice and pop in your mouth.

There are plenty of drinks to choose from, but the options are really endless! You can mix any of the teas or refreshers with whatever Boba you want! Try one for yourself!

Visit their Facebook HERE.

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