Local Pharmacy: More People Are Getting Flu Shots Than in Recent Years

Thompson PharmacyIt’s the time of the year for flu shots, but more than two years into COVID, some people may be feeling vaccine fatigue.

One local pharmacy says they’ve seen fewer people coming through their doors for flu vaccinations in recent years. However, they say this year looks much different.

“The COVID [vaccine] maybe they’re getting a little like, ‘really, another one.’ But with the flu vaccine it’s pretty much the same one every year,” says Pharmacist Mark Thompson.

Thompson says it’s especially important to get immunized against the flu as similar symptoms to the flu, COVID or the common cold can be hard to differentiate.

“It’s really important every year to get the flu shot. This year even more important, because you’re decreasing the risk of trying to figure out if it’s Influenza or COVID,” Thompson claims.

Although, people vaccinated against the flu can still catch it, Thompson says it’s far less severe.

Thompson says September through the end of October is the best time in Michigan to get the flu vaccine, due to it normally peaking in February.

“So, if you get it in August or September, your immunity might wane a little bit right when it’s peaking in our area,” Thompson explains. Flu Vaccine

Now, we’re heading into the third flu season since the start of the COVID pandemic. And while some may be experiencing vaccine fatigue, Thompson pharmacy says they’ve actually seen more people getting their flu shot this year than in recent years.

One Traverse City woman says the pandemic has actually made her take extra precautions during the flu season.

“I’m immunosuppressed, so it’s import for me, but I also want to protect people that are compromised as well,” she states.

Thompson Pharmacy says what they’ve seen so far this year has been encouraging. They hope the community continues to do their part to keep everyone safe and healthy.

“We do have a population of people that have cancer or little kids with heart conditions and they all have hardly any immunity. So, the more of us to get immune the less likely we are to spread it to them,” Thompson says.

The CDC says it is safe to receive both the flu and COVID vaccines at the same time.