House Appropriations Chair Resigns Amid Vote on Supplemental Budget Deal

It is expected to be a very busy day in Lansing, and expansive one as well.

In what might be the final voting session before the November election, it is expected the Legislature will pass a massive supplemental budget deal.

The state has anywhere between $3-5 billion remaining in surplus spending after the budget deal that was agreed to back in June. Now reports show a $1 billion of that will be allocated Wednesday in Lansing, with much of it going to the state’s Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve (SOAR) Fund – the pool of money used to attract businesses to the state through incentives and tax breaks. The expectation being much of that will go to the Gotion battery plant project near Big Rapids.

In the wake of this plan, Representative Thomas Albert, Lowell, the House Appropriations Chair, resigned Wednesday morning from his position. Albert has been against spending any of the state surplus, saying the money should be saved to protect the state from budget shortfalls next or in case of a recession.

9&10’s Eric Lloyd is in Lansing today and will have a full report on the status of the spending bill on 9&10 News at 5 and 6.