Rotary Club of Cadillac Hosts White Pine Trail Ride Oct. 1

The White Pine Trail Ride is kicking off Saturday.

The event is hosted by the Rotary Club of Cadillac and this marks the 4th annual event.

Bikers of all levels are welcome to come enjoy the 93 mile trail that runs all the way from Cadillac to Grand Rapids. To fit the different distance lengths there are four rest stops that are put in place.

Participants will meet at the farmers market at the Cadillac Commons.

“We’re also having a ribbon cutting for this trailhead at 7:00 on Friday, September 30,” Mark Lager Wey, Ride Coordinator, says. “And then after that, there’s registration. So we’re kind of combining all this to celebrate this amazing trailhead as the last piece of the Cadillac Commons that has been being put together for, you know, five, six, seven, eight years.”

You can also register online by clicking here.