Dixon Tours Cadillac Casting, Touts Michigan’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Style Bill

Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon was in Cadillac Tuesday to meet with one of the area’s largest manufacturers.

Dixon met with, and toured, Cadillac Casting Tuesday morning. Coming from the industry herself, she says she can connect with manufacturers and make Michigan more suitable for growth.

“It just feels like business does not have a partner in state government,” said Dixon after the tour, “Manufacturing is our largest industry. Manufacturing is number one and agriculture is number two.”Tudor In Caddy Pkg 9 27 2200 01 24 27still001

It would make sense the choice for Governor would support the industry. Her family owned a foundry, she worked and ran it for a time, and now Dixon is connecting with local manufacturers.

“They really get that I know what they are going through and I understand their business and I understand how important it is they have a state government willing to work with them,” said Dixon.

Her opponent, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has already earned the endorsement from the Michigan Manufacturer’s Association, the first Democrat to earn the nod since 1990.

Dixon stands by her plan for the industry and her unique insight.

“We spoke about how other companies felt they were being crushed by state overreach and they said they had some of the same issues too,” said Dixon, “We spoke about what it would be like to cut regulation by 40% in the first four years.”

Dixon said the conversation was more than just manufacturing as these workers are parents and Michiganders as well.

“They had questions about how we were going to get kids on track,” said Dixon, “We are talking a lot about education this week so we talked about our tutoring plan to get kids back on track and our reading plan going forward.”

She continued that education conversation at an event in Lansing later in the day. Her campaign has been holding press events focusing on platforms the past few weeks. First it was public safety and now education, with Tuesday being a very direct plan.

“We’re announcing a bill that would end sexual or gender discussions before the third grade,” said Dixon.

It’s been a sticking point for Republicans this election cycle, the sexualization of children in schools. Democrats say it just is not an issue and now Dixon says it will not be anymore.

“This will stop any type of sexual discussion, any talk of sex or gender discussions as well. You saw the Department of Education come out with guideline training where they would ask students what their pronouns are asking them what their gender is, that’s not going to happen before third grade in the state of Michigan,” said Dixon, “Those are discussions too confusing for young children and that’s not appropriate. We are going to focus on age appropriate content for kids third grade and below.”

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