Cadillac Schools to Add Electric Bus to Fleet Next School Year

Cadillac Area Public Schools’ fleet of yellow buses is about to get a little more green.

Starting next school year, Cadillac will be adding an electric bus to the fleet. This is with help from their transportation supplier, Dean and Consumers Energy.Electric Busses Vsv 9 26 2200 00 21 29still001

The single bus will be able to do daily runs on a single charge and reload for the next.

Mass transit is where experts say the benefits of electric vehicles will be felt the most and Cadillac will be one of the first districts in the state to test it out.

“There’s really going to be a sense of introduction. Today about 5% of vehicles are electric and that number is growing fast, but still so few are now. So if you’re a student at Cadillac Schools, starting next year you’re going to go to school on an electric school bus,” said Brian Wheeler of Consumers Energy. “There will be more and more of these vehicles and it’s going to seem less unfamiliar.”

The effectiveness of this one electric bus at Cadillac will be used as a template for future districts in the area.