Traverse City Commissioners to Discuss Rising Costs of New Senior Center

"We're trying to make sure we’ve got as many of the t’s crossed and i’s dotted as we can." - Mayor Richard Lewis

As inflation hits the cost of supplies and materials, construction costs are going up for a proposed project in Traverse City. Senior Center 2

Leaders hope construction can start next year on a new Traverse City Senior Center. Site plans were drawn up in 2020, with estimates coming in at around $7 million. The city and county had been discussing ways to fund the project, including the option of turning to a public vote to raise the money.

But in July, the city got word that it is receiving $7 million for the senior center in the next state budget. Since plans were drawn up two years ago, project costs have increased; to more than $10 million. Mayor Richard Lewis says, “Back in 2020 it was a lot less money. Back in December they thought the estimated cost of construction – and things haven’t gone down any. So it’s not – we’ll just have to figure out how we’ll raise the rest of the money, or what do we take out?”

The new price tag sits at roughly $10.3, “if we build everything as it’s laid out,” Lewis says. “Do we make the building size smaller? We know there are two or three items on there that we can say, ‘ok this is going to be an add-on item, and if we can get it, and if not this will be the first reduction.’”

City Commissioners will discuss their options at a study session Monday night, and they’ll present to the county commissioners next week.