Train Your Dog with a Professional at Windy Ridge Farm Dog Training

Is your dog not listening to you? Maybe you get lost when it comes to training your four-legged friend?

One thing to remember is that every dog is different– some are very friendly, others may come with a more complicated past. But one thing’s for sure, it’s all about your relationship with your dog!

Windy Ridge Farm Dog Training in Boon is owned by Sandra Misaras, who’s been training dogs for over 35 years! She sets up her training programs to be personalized to your needs, and helps you along the way. What may have worked for one dog is not guaranteed to work on another, so Misaras takes the hour-long training session to build a syllabus with you and go through drills so you’re prepared to do it when you go home.

Windy Ridge Farm Dog Training program promises to train your four legged friend in 60 days or less! Misaras realized that her clients all have four major goals: Control on the leash, control off the leash, manners, and to get rid of or avoid anxiety or aggression.

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