Manna Food Project Receives Funding from Great Lakes Energy People’s Fund

The Manna Food Project collects and distributes food to those in need while emphasizing the importance of helping healthy options to be available.  The project recently received $2,500 from the Great Lakes Energy People’s Fund.

This fund works by Great Lakes Energy subscribers signing up to have their bill rounded up to the nearest dollar. 100% of the donations go towards good causes around the region, the Manna Food project being one of them.

“A lot of times people are reaching for the cheaper, maybe non healthy foods as a first option because it’s affordable,” says Executive Director of the Manna Project, Carrie Klingesmith. I’m just so grateful to be able to provide people with healthy, fresh produce, vegetables and fruits for people in need.”

Just this year alone, the Manna Food Project has purchased 30,000 pounds of produce and 4,000 pounds of protein.